Salam satu malaysia Friday, December 28, 2012 @ 8:18 PM
Its was like ages till i wasnt update my blog huh? Yeah. U bet it. U see theres a pict of an ipod an a slip of pmr. Soooo! That was mine!!! Mine. Repeat it, mine. 😺 K i got 7a1b1d its too bad to have 1d u know. Like suckest evaaaaa, urghhh. But alhamdulillah. I dont even know how i can be that genius. Mai gad. Heheheks.
Xoxo, Izzah

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I love you. I always will, sayang :'( Friday, December 14, 2012 @ 3:56 AM

That very very fine evening, I was karoeke-ing with my siblings with this website mind to join? (sempat) So, that particular evening too, I got a text. From him, F and his nickname in phone is Harimau<3 I am too sweet am i? (hehe) The text said that F was on an accident dan belom sedarkan dirik yet. 

That was hurting me so much. So much. Sayang, I was about to call you tonight. Tonight... :( I wish I had called you earlier. Ahhhhhh~ :( Sayang, please be strong. Please be. I love you always. Ah, i dont want say more bout this. I making me sad more. Ahh....

Loving lovable love me. Eh? :P Wednesday, December 12, 2012 @ 2:30 AM

I love my new blog layout!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa too love darling. too love. Ther're just awesome. Fuck the owner. Im in love. Nigga. In love k. lulz

Mom please, I want to hang out and go out! Pwetty pweaseee.. I want to go shopping. Oh, Bintulu is just so lame. Having just one mall. Grrrr. SALES, WHERE ARE YOU. WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!! 

xoxo, Izzah. Peace out!

An evening is not night. At Malaysia. 1:31 AM

I know, so not relatable. Lol, it's funny right. Tehehehe :3 that is so me you know! Lulz, mbuka pekung di dada la pulok. Kah kah kah.While updating this, I let sad songs conquer me. Such as? Hmm, unfaithful, one in a million. Sad enuff tak? Oh ya, this post isnt relatable sangat dengan tajuk die. So, buat dont know dgn topik nya k :)

In this very evening, 5.20 pm Malaysia's time, ayah, and my sibs go out for jogging. While me and ummi just sit down and watch tv (but not me, kerling2 adeler) Izzah rasa nak ekot sangat :( Tapi males nak bejalan. Dah la kaki sakit, adeheh. It was so hard being me you know, in a day, it is a wajib to eat rice. See I dont even ate rice today. Thats why my hands and legs hurt. So much. I know, rice makes us fat. How can I deny eating it, IF I HAVE THIS PROBLEM?!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Understand me. Lolz.

Even this negro understand me (sorry? hehe >:3) Idk why you hate me so much. IDK WHYYYY AND I WANT TO KNOW WHY BITCH. Ahhhh,modafaka is being me is a sin? And if i dont i am hyprocrite? Nigga, love me. K love me. What do you want actually. Aarghhhhh. Right!! Dont think about you. dont ever. No i never think you (sorta. i miss you :'( ) K what's the topic again. No, dont talk bout that again. Please no. Dont beg, no no.please... Right.

Everyone keeps talking bout their upcoming PMR result, bitches, stop. Im getting my buterflies, flying flying here and there. Tehehe :3 No, i will sleep tight. Wait and see, dumbass. I know. But i just not that very confident. Not veryyyy.. Urghhhhh. I hope good results. Good, better, excellent. WHAT DA FUCKKING IM TALKING ABOUT. k over this, making me sad even more liddis.

xoxo, Izzah. Peace out!

Stalker Tuesday, December 11, 2012 @ 5:24 AM

This me, already back to old habits. Its stalking. But they're famous okay. One Direction. Damn, my ear hurts, stop yelling! I love them too. Just shut the fuck up. So, theres some photos I saved. Hehehe. Later me cerita :3 

Hehehe, i love this much. Eventho i love her songs, but I hate her songs. Oh apakah yang aku kah cakapkan ini.

Seeeeeeeeeee!!! Ahhhh-.-


After these all photos, except the "Hi, Im directioner" making me hate Taylor more. More and more. I thoughttt... i thought... nothing. Hahahaha, i dont even know you Taylor. Hahaha, oh, and I get some sources that Harry was Jew. Shit! No wayyyy, pepos are lovin him so much, without knowing that. Bitch,please. He is Jew, in malay, Yahudi!!! Get it? Ahhhhhhh~ please wake up. Banyak dh aelio ko kluar ya bah. Aish.

Second, I post these to my fb, except the directioner. And there are really like no responds. World, you didnt know bout this or what. God.. Aishhhhhhhhh. Idk what to say anymore. Im just bored waiting for movies editor to downloading. Grrr. Suggestions darling. Ahhhh-.-

xoxo, Izzah. Peace out!

Kamera, Karoeke and Blogging. 4:18 AM

I am fucking laughing hard right now.. Wait please? :3 lulz.. Damn wanting to know why? Cima and Aiza, was having a photographing themselves. Themselves by themselves. Look stupid right. Hahahahahaha. And Ain, is having her own karoeke, on my tablet. Shit, that fuck thing will lowbat again. She keeps changing her songs, and that bitchies.

So, why is it funny? Ummi and ayah was at bawah, because they have some work to do, while we're at atas dekat bilik. Cima kinda dengar suara ummi panggil, cima boleh tutup mulut ain yang nyanyi so nigga loudly. And cima had to pull ain's foot too. Lulz, this is just a drama! Hahahaha, and I still eating popcorn seeing them liddat...... Oh, they're done now! HAHAHAHAHAHA/ catch them, here wait, we take a snap first,tehehe :3

Fuck, that camera things is so damn dark. I can even see my teeth only. It looks horror enuff. Can I be the new actor for Suster Ngesot? I am suitly in it!!!! Hahahahahaha. funny darling? Stop it, its much horror than me tho. So, whats the point..... Lemme find a topic..

Get it! Try this :3 I got this from my very best best friend, i mean not bestfriend, but she is best. Liddat la. I copy k :) 

1. Single/Taken: Taken bitch! Oh, sorry niggas.

2. Girl Best friend : accesories!!!!!!!!!!! Dont let it appear in front of me.please.

3. Boy Best friend : Ball? They dont enuff with their balls right? HEHEHEHE

4. Nickname : Ijah. that.... i cant explain why i love and hate it 


6. Last Person I Inbox : Him, F

7. Last Person Who Made Me Smile : Him, F :3

8. Do I Have Mental Problems : Fucking hell heaven,yes. Unfriend me.

9. Have I Ever Been Suspended : No, im a goodgurlz

10. Something I Can't Live Without : Allah

11. Last Person I Called : Muyya :(

12. Am I In Love : YES, BITCH YES!

13. Last Thing I Ate : Spaggeti (This dinner) I hate spaggeti, i even throw it away cause I just ate
1/4 of it

14. Who Did I Last Say I Love You To : Now? F ofcourse <3 nbsp="nbsp">

15. Birthday : 24th Dec. Hey this one dh ada d heir of kingdom lah! Ish

16. Someone I Love : F lah ofcourse.

17. Someone I Hate : someone (boy&girl)

18. Last Text Said : Okay. Hahaha (serves your right, sick question!)

19. Super Best friend : Aaaaa? Semua kawan perempuan dlm kelas. Damn, so righttt-.-

20. Believe In God : Wajib

21. Would I Take My Ex Back : Enggai kami

22 Someone I Miss : F :3 but not really. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i still love you :p

23. Who Was My Last Crush : Y :( he's lepasan spm now. AAAAAArghhhhh

24. How Many Kids I Want : 4? like my sibs! hehe

25. Ever Getting Married : Modafaka, im young.

26. Last Person That Made Me Laugh : Him, F <3 span="span">

27. Favourite Song : Unfaithful- Rihanna. Till now bitch, now.

28. Ex You Want Back : Niggas, no.

29. Current Crush : F ehekz.

30. Is This Year The Best Year Of Your Life : *praying praying*

31. Do You Play The Wii : WHAT IS WII? PORK ME.

32. Do You Like Chinese Food : whats all the chinese food by the way?

33. How Old Are You : piptin

34. Would You Go Back In Time If You Were Giving The Chance : I would, i want my luxury 


35. Do You Regret Anything From Your Past : of course...

36. Have Any Piercings : Hell no. Thats hurt

37. Want Any Piercings more : ......... i say hurt!!!!

38. Is Cheating Ever Okay : sokay if its hurt me, tell me first why is it, then if i mad, tell me that 

you was lie.

39. Do You Believe In True Love : YESOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

40. Do You Have An Attitude : I SAY IM A GOOD GURLZ!!!

41. What Is Your Real Name : Izzah Atirah binti Abdul Rahman

42. Ever Made Out In The Bathroom : SHIT you, no. That stinks

43. Are You Scared Of Spiders : Gila ka sikkk!!!

44. Do You Type Fast : Oh, brotha! Im better! *mata gi atas langit* gk sa kau

45. Have You Ever Broken Someone's Heart : im proud :8D

xoxo, Izzah. Peace out!